Blogging is sooo 2007.

I read somewhere that there are a million-plus blogs out there. Of these blogs, approximately 80% of them are defunct.

Probably. I didn’t do any research.

What I do know is that I’ve put at least three or five blogs into dead space myself. And the reason was always something like, “I don’t like this anymore, I need a fresh start.” Unlike real life, you actually can get shiny new blog whenever the mood strikes. So naturally, why not?

Now I wonder how many collective posts I’d have if I hadn’t gone chasing the high of said shiny new blogs. You need to blog for the right reasons, or at least with the very real understanding that you have an overwhelming amount of competition. You may never have an audience that consists of more than your mom (if you even want relatives to find out).

But I’m a millennial, and as they say, we hunger for attention. We want to feel special and unique and blah blah blah. This is me tossing my metaphorical hat into the ring. This is me being self-indulgent (and self-referential) and declaring that “World, you need to read my opinions and mundane thoughts.”

Things I can promise people who read this:

  1. Reasonable amount of courtesy and common sense.
  2. Mostly lifestyle post-less. (No What’s In My Bag here.)
  3. Sincerity.

Things I want to promise but can’t:

  1. Daily posts.
  2. A cool sign-off.




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