Honor the Fallen

I don’t usually write holiday posts for two reasons: one, I usually forget that it’s a holiday, and two, they sometimes feel gimmicky. It sucks browsing through your feed and finding it filled with nothing but short posts wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

But it’s precisely because it’s Memorial Day that I’ve decided to make an exception. A to-the-point exception.

Nowadays it’s “edgy” to say that the mere act of being a soldier doesn’t merit heroism. It’s a paid job–they’re getting paid to do a job. This isn’t the post to really get into all of that, but I did want to acknowledge that’s the sort of thinking that inspired me to write this in the first place.

Today is the day kids revel in the last hours of their three-day weekend. It’s when we honor the memory of those who died in active duty. It’s a day when we are supposed to reflect on what these soldiers willingly sacrificed themselves for.

It’s for that reason that our civilian political views don’t factor in. It literally doesn’t matter if you believed the wars they fought in were for the right reasons.

We have 364 other days (365 this year) to discuss the draft, foreign affair policies, and why there’s still troops overseas right this minute. Regardless of the circumstances that propelled them into combat, they still fought valiantly. That, if nothing else, deserves respect.


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