Split Decisions

As I sit here typing in the dark, I really wish I hadn’t gone full cheap skate when purchasing my laptop. Because yes, it does have a touch screen. But how does that help me under these circumstances?

Hint, hint: it doesn’t.

In any case, it’s occurred to me that since its inception, this blog has a reasonable amount of posts. So far it’s shaping up to where there’s a new post every weekday. Currently there’s just a hair over an hour left of today.

Posting schedules have always spelled death for me. I’d burn out about a week after determining one. The next time I attempted, I figured that maybe a schedule with specific topics on each post day would help. Then I’d get burnt out again. Even if this were a personal blog where I simply recount the day’s events–how long before every post says the same four things?

But here I am making a–you guessed it–split decision.

I hesitantly commit myself to writing a new post every weekday, barring major holidays. More exceptions and loopholes to come.


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