No sir, you aren’t special. Traffic rules apply to you too.

Today’s topic: road rage and how entitled some drivers are.

Now I’m not going to say that it’s perfectly okay to go at another car a la Evelyn Couch. But after driving for what feels like forever, I don’t understand how more people aren’t afflicted with road rage.

“That’s because they aren’t maniacs like you, Wendy.”

Well… Maybe.

Still driving isn’t difficult. As long as you understand the basic mechanics of how a car works and know the traffic laws, you’re fine. In an ideal world that is how things would work.

Instead, we have jerks who see a NO RIGHT TURN sign and think, “That doesn’t apply to me. I need to get to my destination.” We have jerks who think it’s smart to use their phones while going 70+ mph on the freeway. Best of all, we have jerks who honk at you when they’re in the wrong.

There was an instance where I was going to make a U-turn. A perfectly legal, stoplight approved U-turn. As soon as I start making that U-turn, someone who chose then to turn right almost collides into me. I glance over at him, thinking he’d mouth the word sorry–maybe give an apologetic wave. All I wanted was some sort of acknowledgment where he knew he was in the wrong.

See, that was when I had hope.

Instead he proceeds to furiously honk at me while mouthing off. Funnily enough, his passenger starts doing the same. I open my window and start swearing. Now that I know an apology isn’t coming, I wait for him to back up since neither of us could proceed.

He didn’t. So I was the “bigger person” and put my car in reverse.

I was so angry that I was muttering to myself as I pumped gas. Angry enough to tell anyone who would let me. Jilted enough that I write about it on my blog almost two years after it happened.

For that reason, bigger person is in quotation marks. Being the bigger person in that situation, taking the high road, did not make me feel good. It didn’t make me feel like I was a better person. Now you could say it’s because I lack maturity, because I am a driver with road rage.

I say it’s because there are people out there who will turn on a red light, and somehow still believe they have the right of way. People who realize that they have made a mistake, but choose to blame someone else. Driving can turn into an activity you do without a thought, but guess what? It’s still an activity where you’re driving a two-ton piece of steel at 60 mph.

Sometimes road rage happens at inconsequential things, like a lack of a turn signal. Moments where you’re right, but the situation is petty.

Other times it’s when someone honks at you because they almost hit you.


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