First Day Jitters

It used to be that the first day of school was beyond exciting. New pencils, new notebooks, and new opportunity to finally start being one of the cool kids.

And now–now it’s a reminder of the past five years that I’ve spent in limbo since graduating high school. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that school has always been one of the few things that make sense to me.

Sure, dragging myself out of my room is exactly what I need to not be so depressed anymore. But damn if Netflix and YouTube don’t sound like a better alternative. Do I really need to flounder through yet another series of painful interactions with people who are just as uncomfortable? For the sake of making something of myself, I do. (If I actually did assignments for online courses, that’s all I’d ever do.)

So because I feel like whining before my first class, that’s all this post will be. Not to be too self-referential, but the tagline is (too long, Wendy) recklessly verbose and mildly self-indulgent.

I don’t miss shuffling in like a herd of cattle. Nor do I miss being the first to walk inside only to realize that the previous class is still there. It’s also not exactly fun to stand outside waiting, only for someone to waltz in as if to say, “The hell you waiting for?”

The attendance policies are utterly ridiculous as well. In real universities, no self-respecting professor bothers to check who’s present. Granted, we’re also talking about large lecture halls–but what I wouldn’t give to be just another number again.

Finding a parking spot is insane. It’s actual kill or be killed. I remember an instance where someone drove past a stop sign and as soon as they did, a spot to the right opened up. They tried to back up, but at that point I had lost two other spots–no way was I losing a third. The triumph that I felt has not met its match since.

But the thing that I miss the absolute least?

Walking into the wrong classroom and not even realizing it. This is going to be the best semester ever.

Number of times self- was used: three.


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