Blogging: Why Am I So Terrible At It?

Real talk: it’s a little difficult for me not to keep gushing about who I’m crushing… on. (Ew, no I’ll stop–promise.) Of course there’s no rule that says I can’t do that–no rule apart from common sense, anyway.

Oh, and then there’s my pride.

I’ve kept up some form of a blog since I was 13–whether it was an exhibition of teenage angst or actual effort. That’s a decade’s worth of sporadic blogging and would you believe that in that time, I’ve never wondered why?  Blogging was always a given–something I had to do. Love of writing + thoughts = blog. Seems simple enough.

Lately though, it’s been a struggle. A struggle to find real motivation in maintaining this blog and the problem isn’t that I’m running out of content. No, it’s that more goes into blogging than just doing a stream of consciousness and hitting “Publish”. Which I knew, of course I knew, but haven’t bothered to do.

A blog isn’t a blog without images, and aside from my header, I haven’t got any. Publicizing…? Is that when a blog is made public…? SEO optimization might as well be in a foreign language. (That’s not Spanish. Because I speak Spanish…)

Can I just hire someone to do all that stuff for me? And by hire, I of course mean offer zero financial compensation. No? Figures.

In truth, I initially did plan to take all of those aspects of blogging seriously. However, when starting over, I made the executive decision to put all that on the back-burner while I found my legs. Now, I fear, the time has come what with the end of August and all.

Over the next couple of days, there’ll be minor tweaks here and my overall online presence. There’ll be more of a rhyme and reason to my posting schedule and the posts themselves won’t be a wall of rambles. And from thereon in, my blog will no longer be a perpetual middle child.

Project Get-with-the-Times-Grandma is afoot.



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