September Goals

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Ah, September. Month nine.

Theoretically speaking, this post should have gone up yesterday. Instead it goes up today because screw convention.(Also because, spoiler alert, one of my goals is to have a consistent posting schedule. And since the post originally intended for today isn’t ready, well here we are.)

Does anyone remember their new year’s resolutions? It’s a struggle to remember if I made any to begin with, though given my usual patterns, I’m sure I did. Of course, though, I haven’t had much progress with them. But as most people are apt to say–it’s never too late to keep working towards self-improvement.

So because I like failing in front of an audience, here are my publicly announced goals for the month:


  1. Have a consistent posting schedule. As of now, I plan to post on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’d be pretty great if I could get a certain theme going on as well, but let’s just see how this works out first.
  2. Work on a creative writing prompt every day. While I’m currently working on a contemporary novel, it’s good to stretch those creative muscles. For all my creative writing (and the occasional gif) check out my Tumblr.
  3. Read four books. This one is self-explanatory. But alongside this, I really ought to update my Goodreads account…
  4. Lose eight pounds. This consists of a subset of smaller goals, such as: limit cheat meals to once a week, don’t drink soda, and go to the gym four times a week.
  5. Keep up with schoolwork. Don’t skip class for the sake of it, do all your assignments in a timely fashion, etc. It’s not complicated, just a lot of work.
  6. Come up with a great sign-off.

Just kidding, that last one’s never happening.


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