My Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post

Being a pantser is a polite way of saying that I’m too lazy to plan.

It’s true–I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ll be writing in a genre I’ve never done before (satire) about a concept I haven’t flushed out (overnight retail workers) in 30 days (wee!).

End of blog post.


No? Suit yourself. (Lame sense of humor? Check.)

Now perhaps it seems rather silly that a blogger who fails to consistently, well, blog should choose to participate in such a time-consuming challenge. It is. Ridiculously so.

But I am a ridiculous girl.

Truthfully though, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited about a project. Personal reasons blah blah blah, you know the drill. Still, when I give it some serious thought, it’s actually the worst thing to do in a time of crisis–to stop writing. Even if it means writing a terrible novel about a potentially boring idea.

Now as I mentioned above, I’m pantsing this, so no outline here. I have a general concept and a few characters which is all the brain power I’m willing to put into my preparation. The one thing that I am doing differently this year is that I’m going to attempt and become more socially involved. This means attending some virtual write-ins, posting in the forums, and potentially making a few writing buddies. This also means that I’m going to twist my new friend’s arm into doing this with me.

And then twisting his arm into letting me read his work. Because what are friends for if not to bully you into handing over what you’ve written?

It’s going to be a good month guys. I can feel it.




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