In the Event Someone Reading This Knows Me IRL: …Hi?

Today’s post is brought to you by the illogical fear of a girl whose got a public blog.

(I will never get tired of that lede. Or misusing the word lede. Never.)


Fun fact: For as many blogs as I’ve neglected, I have never shared them with anyone who knows me in real life. In fact, that’s always been a point of paranoia–which I counteracted by removing my identity as much as possible. There was a moment back in high school when someone came scarily close to discovering my blog. My response? Frantically log on a school computer and make my blog private.

Now see, that move actually made sense. I was smack dab in the middle of my teenage angst–all I wrote about was my unrequited love, terrible teachers, and every embarrassing topic I possibly could. Want a crash course in oversharing? Visit my terribly named blog.

Except don’t, because it’ll hurt your sensibilities.

But this blog? This blog has posts that I’ve given thought to–ideas that I stand by. Inconsistent posting schedule aside, I have nothing to be ashamed of. And yet the very idea of discovery still unnerves me. (Which, of course, is why my domain is the same as my social media accounts. What? I never said I was smart…)

It’s an interesting phenomenon to want your words made public and still refrain from sharing them with a captive audience. Yet, there is a chance, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that someone I know is reading this. The oddest thought, of course, being that it’s a mere acquaintance.

So I’ve decided to take this as a long winded opportunity to properly welcome anyone who actually knows me. Hi there–welcome to my blog.

You’ll notice that I don’t write with regularity–indeed even missing the entirety of November. That is not on purpose. The lack of a set and proper subject matter, though, that is on purpose. I’d like to think that with this upcoming year, my blog will gain structure, but it probably won’t. It will, however remain an evolving soapbox (said with a drop of sarcasm, I promise) and stay true to its word. Loose with Keys will always be recklessly verbose and mildly self-indulgent. It will always capture the ramblings and occasionally nuanced thoughts of a work-in-progress.

It is my integrity manifested.

It is a place where I say pretentious things like “integrity manifested” without considering how idiotic they sound.

If you are reading this and know me, know this: what you have before you is a catalog to my mind. Even your 15 seconds of feigned interest are enough for me. If you are reading this and know me, know this: the moment you mention any of this–deer in headlights.

Back to my regular posts then.


Blogging: Why Am I So Terrible At It?

Real talk: it’s a little difficult for me not to keep gushing about who I’m crushing… on. (Ew, no I’ll stop–promise.) Of course there’s no rule that says I can’t do that–no rule apart from common sense, anyway.

Oh, and then there’s my pride.

I’ve kept up some form of a blog since I was 13–whether it was an exhibition of teenage angst or actual effort. That’s a decade’s worth of sporadic blogging and would you believe that in that time, I’ve never wondered why?  Blogging was always a given–something I had to do. Love of writing + thoughts = blog. Seems simple enough.

Lately though, it’s been a struggle. A struggle to find real motivation in maintaining this blog and the problem isn’t that I’m running out of content. No, it’s that more goes into blogging than just doing a stream of consciousness and hitting “Publish”. Which I knew, of course I knew, but haven’t bothered to do.

A blog isn’t a blog without images, and aside from my header, I haven’t got any. Publicizing…? Is that when a blog is made public…? SEO optimization might as well be in a foreign language. (That’s not Spanish. Because I speak Spanish…)

Can I just hire someone to do all that stuff for me? And by hire, I of course mean offer zero financial compensation. No? Figures.

In truth, I initially did plan to take all of those aspects of blogging seriously. However, when starting over, I made the executive decision to put all that on the back-burner while I found my legs. Now, I fear, the time has come what with the end of August and all.

Over the next couple of days, there’ll be minor tweaks here and my overall online presence. There’ll be more of a rhyme and reason to my posting schedule and the posts themselves won’t be a wall of rambles. And from thereon in, my blog will no longer be a perpetual middle child.

Project Get-with-the-Times-Grandma is afoot.


I don’t get round-up posts.

Oh look, an edgy post!

“Edgy” but genuine, I assure you.

If you’ve never checked out a lifestyle blog in your life, let me explain. A round-up post (dear god, I hope that’s what they’re called) is when a blogger selects things from their social media to share as a blog post. The most common incarnations are Instagram photos and Pinterest pins. Sometimes they’re a monthly feature–sometimes a little more frequent than can be justified…

Either way, it is a compilation of media that has already seen the light of day. Which is where my confusion sets in. To me, they scream “I had nothing else to write about, but I needed something.” In other words, it’s filler.

These days there’s something of a pressure to update with regularity. That’s what this medium thrives on, constant updates because otherwise you become irrelevant.And sure, there are some Youtubers who only update once a week (if that), but that feels different. Perhaps I’m getting into my own head, but they seem to have more leeway. A lot goes into making videos, whereas–in my case–all I really do is write.

I get that. You want to write something, and you’re blocked, but you need to post something. In those instances, I must admit that I have nothing in the way of comfort. Writing/blogging/whatever is difficult, not because the act itself is complicated. Rather, because it’s difficult to see things through. Still, those posts don’t even consist of actual writing. You are just regurgitating material that people who follow you have already seen.

“But Wendy, this way it reaches people who don’t check out our Instagram feeds. People who don’t follow our Pinterest boards. It’s advertisement for our other platforms.”

The thing is, it’s irritating to visit a site and find that today’s new post is filled with photos of a blogger I only casually follow. (Hence why they’re not in my Feedly.) I feel grumpy, but if I wanted to see your photos, I’d check out your Instagram. You’ve already got your social media links right at the top of your blog. I couldn’t miss them even if I wanted to.

Quite frankly, I’m not one to follow a stranger’s feed because that doesn’t do much for me. I don’t personally know you, and seeing pictures of your cat won’t change anything–won’t make me feel anything. The exception is for feeds with a distinct purpose other than “capturing my life”. The ones that track a person’s fitness journey or have nothing but pictures of pets.

If I read your blog, it’s because something about your words is speaking to me. Maybe I’ll check out your social media, and maybe I won’t. But I’ll still read your posts because I see something worth reading.

Until you force me to look at the cute home office pictures you pinned a month ago.

Split Decisions

As I sit here typing in the dark, I really wish I hadn’t gone full cheap skate when purchasing my laptop. Because yes, it does have a touch screen. But how does that help me under these circumstances?

Hint, hint: it doesn’t.

In any case, it’s occurred to me that since its inception, this blog has a reasonable amount of posts. So far it’s shaping up to where there’s a new post every weekday. Currently there’s just a hair over an hour left of today.

Posting schedules have always spelled death for me. I’d burn out about a week after determining one. The next time I attempted, I figured that maybe a schedule with specific topics on each post day would help. Then I’d get burnt out again. Even if this were a personal blog where I simply recount the day’s events–how long before every post says the same four things?

But here I am making a–you guessed it–split decision.

I hesitantly commit myself to writing a new post every weekday, barring major holidays. More exceptions and loopholes to come.