In the Event Someone Reading This Knows Me IRL: …Hi?

Today’s post is brought to you by the illogical fear of a girl whose got a public blog.

(I will never get tired of that lede. Or misusing the word lede. Never.)


Fun fact: For as many blogs as I’ve neglected, I have never shared them with anyone who knows me in real life. In fact, that’s always been a point of paranoia–which I counteracted by removing my identity as much as possible. There was a moment back in high school when someone came scarily close to discovering my blog. My response? Frantically log on a school computer and make my blog private.

Now see, that move actually made sense. I was smack dab in the middle of my teenage angst–all I wrote about was my unrequited love, terrible teachers, and every embarrassing topic I possibly could. Want a crash course in oversharing? Visit my terribly named blog.

Except don’t, because it’ll hurt your sensibilities.

But this blog? This blog has posts that I’ve given thought to–ideas that I stand by. Inconsistent posting schedule aside, I have nothing to be ashamed of. And yet the very idea of discovery still unnerves me. (Which, of course, is why my domain is the same as my social media accounts. What? I never said I was smart…)

It’s an interesting phenomenon to want your words made public and still refrain from sharing them with a captive audience. Yet, there is a chance, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that someone I know is reading this. The oddest thought, of course, being that it’s a mere acquaintance.

So I’ve decided to take this as a long winded opportunity to properly welcome anyone who actually knows me. Hi there–welcome to my blog.

You’ll notice that I don’t write with regularity–indeed even missing the entirety of November. That is not on purpose. The lack of a set and proper subject matter, though, that is on purpose. I’d like to think that with this upcoming year, my blog will gain structure, but it probably won’t. It will, however remain an evolving soapbox (said with a drop of sarcasm, I promise) and stay true to its word. Loose with Keys will always be recklessly verbose and mildly self-indulgent. It will always capture the ramblings and occasionally nuanced thoughts of a work-in-progress.

It is my integrity manifested.

It is a place where I say pretentious things like “integrity manifested” without considering how idiotic they sound.

If you are reading this and know me, know this: what you have before you is a catalog to my mind. Even your 15 seconds of feigned interest are enough for me. If you are reading this and know me, know this: the moment you mention any of this–deer in headlights.

Back to my regular posts then.